Rafael Alonso

Past President; Airbus, Latin America, Caribbean

Before retiring in October 2018, Rafael Alonso was President of Airbus Latin America and Caribbean Region, where he was responsible for all Airbus commercial aircraft activities and customer relations throughout 40 countries. With more than three decades in the aviation industry, Mr. Alonso was directly involved in more than 2,000 aircraft sales.

Mr. Alonso spent most of his career enhancing Airbus’ presence, evolution and influence throughout Latin America and the Caribbean since the late 1980s. His career with Airbus began in 1984 when he was seconded to Airbus’ Toulouse headquarters as Regional Manager of Sales for the Latin America group. Four years later he was named Vice President Sales for Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2007, Airbus established its Latin America and Caribbean offices in Miami – with Mr. Alonso leading the effort to remain connected to customers.
Throughout his tenure with Airbus, Mr. Alonso held various positions of leadership within the company, initially in the capacity of Senior Vice President of Latin America and the Caribbean for Customer Affairs and then as Executive Vice President of Latin America and Caribbean Region, a position he held from 2011 until his appointment as President in 2014.

Mr. Alonso began his professional career in 1981 as a design engineer in The Boeing Company in Seattle. He then joined the Product Support Division of Construcciones Aeronauticas S.A. in Madrid, Spain in 1983.

Mr. Alonso is fluent in Spanish, English and French, and proficient in Portuguese.

Rafael Alonso was born in 1952 in Madrid, Spain. He holds a Master’s Degree from the Polytechnic University of Aeronautical Engineers in Madrid and has completed various courses in Business and Finance, mainly at the European Management Centre in Brussels, Belgium, and at the International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne, Switzerland.