2006 Gala Awards

The Wright Brothers Memorial Award

Capt. Vito M. La Forgia
President, Aeroservice Aviation Center, LLC

GMAA’s premier award is presented each year to an individual whose substantial contributions to the aviation industry reflect favorably on the aviation community and the State of Florida.

The Corporate Achievement Award

LAN Airlines – Cargo
Enrique Cueto, CEO

This award recognizes the contributions of a corporation to the aviation industry and the South Florida community.

Juan Trippe Award

Peter J. Dolara
Senior Vice President, Caribbean
American Airlines

This award honors the achievements and lifelong dedication to aviation in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Neil Armstrong Award

Peter H. Diamandis, MD
Chairman and CEO, X PRIZE Foundation

This extraordinary award is given to aerospace leaders and industry visionaries who have dedicated their careers to space exploration and operations.

Glenn Curtis Award

Mauricio Botelho
CEO, Embraer

This award recognizes extraordinary contributors to the air transport, business and private aviation sectors in the Americas and South Florida for their innovation, customer support and product quality.

Amelia Earhart Award

Patty Wagstaff
World Aerobatic Champion

For the first time in its history, the GMAA presents this extraordinary award. The award celebrates women in aviation and stands for outstanding achievement and accomplishment.