2011 Gala Awards

Wright Brothers Memorial Award

The Greater Miami Aviation Association Wright Brothers Memorial Award is the most prestigious of the GMAA’s awards. Having begun in 1927 as a pioneering Miami based Florida focused civil aviation advocacy group, today the GMAA membership and activities are concentrated in and encompass the advancement of the aviation and aerospace community on a global scale.

The Greater Miami Aviation Association Wright Brothers Memorial Award parallels the growth and evolution of the GMAA organization. It is proudly presented to an internationally distinguished industry leader whose substantial contribution to the aviation and aerospace community reflects the innovation, vision, conviction and admired business principles attributed to the positive impact and legacy upon aviation of the Wright Brothers.

Mr. David P. Storch
Chairman & CEO; AAR Corp.

Amelia Earhart Award

This award celebrates woman in aviation and stands for outstanding achievement and accomplishment.

Mrs. Peggy Chabrian
Founder; Women in Aviation International

Corporate Achievement Award

This award recognizes the contributions of a corporation to the aviation industry and the South Florida community.

Mr. Konrad Walter
President and C.O.O.; CTS Engines

Glenn Curtiss Award

This Award recognizes extraordinary contributors to the air transport, business and private aviation sectors in the Americas and South Florida for their innovation, customer support and product quality and in the field of education.

Mr. Kendrick Meek
Former United States House of Representatives member