2009 Gala Awards

Wright Brothers Memorial Award

GMAA’s premiere award is presented each year to an individual whose substantial contribution to the aviation industry reflects favorably on the aviation community and the state of Florida.

Jose Abreu
Director, Miami-Dade Aviation Department

Juan Trippe Award

This award recognizes the significant contributions made by an individual to the development of international aviation. Juan Trippe started Pan American World Airways, Inc. in 1927. Under his leadership, Pan Am essentially represented America’s commercial aviation policy overseas by pioneering international routes and operating global daily flights.

Roberto Kriete
Chairman and CEO, TACA International

Edward V. Rickenbacker Award

The Edward V. Rickenbacker Award, named for the former Chairman & CEO of Eastern Air Lines, who helped make South Florida a major aviation center and set . His example of the American work ethic is the basis for this award, recognizing an individual whose efforts in commercial aviation have contributed to the economic growth of South Florida.

Roland H. Moore, Esq.