Pan Am International Flight Academy is the world’s most experienced flight training academy with the expertise and necessary skills to provide the highest quality training. As the sole remaining division of the principal Pan American World Airways, it can trace its instruction heritage to the primitive days of airline flight training.

Unlike any other airline training company, Pan Am has the ultimate repertoire of courses and services, including 54 full motion flight simulators. By providing training for Pilots, Flight Attendants, Mechanics and Dispatchers, it meets all the crew training requirements. Pan Am offers more training courses on a variety of fleet types than any other flight training company. 

Pan Am is the exemplary training partner providing airlines with a pipeline of highly qualified pilot candidates, with FAA, EASA, and National DGCA approvals to ensure the training programs comply with regulatory authorities from around the world. 

As the leading source of instruction for airlines and aviation professionals, Pan Am International Flight Academy provides qualified and proficient training experience at a low cost, with a corporate commitment to meet your individual or preliminary airline goals.