Don Campion was born to medical missionary parents in Nigeria, West Africa, where he routinely fl ew aboard small aircraft to attend a Prostestant American boarding school. He grew up in a remote tropical village where they installed generators to power the hospital, dug their own water wells, and built their own homes.

Don moved to Toronto, Canada where he attended a four-year program of aviation courses which included a commercial, multiengine pilot’s license followed by aircraft maintenance training. In 1979, Don moved to South Florida with a passion to grow in the aviation fi eld. Within weeks, Don contracted as a co-pilot for a charter operation fl ying primarily to the Bahamas. Don quickly realized there was opportunity for a maintenance facility and started Banyan Air Service in a small hangar servicing aircraft at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. Now with over 190 teammates, Don views his job as a coach. In well-known national pilot surveys, Banyan Air Services, Inc. has consistently been voted and recognized as one of the top 5% business aviation companies in the USA. The Banyan team serves our customers in remarkable ways and we contribute to the community we serve and beyond.

Don and his wife, Sueanne, are project leaders in the revitalization of a small rural hospital in Egbe, Nigeria. Frequently going to Nigeria they are recruiting personnel, raising fi nancial support, shipping medical equipment and supplies and providing oversight to establish good medical care to this needy region. The hospital also is a training center for nurses and doctors. Locally, they work closely with 4KIDS of South Florida, a child welfare agency dedicated to foster care and His Caring Place, which provides a safe harbor for pregnant teenagers.

Don is driven by integrity, teamwork and operational excellence and believes that God blesses people and businesses that honor Him.