Benny F. Benitez, (FAA A&P Lic.), Founder & CEO of the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group a Miami based, International, U.S. Veteran owned and operated consultant group established in 2003.

A licensed FAA Airframe & Powerplant graduate of the Academy of Aeronautics located in Flushing N.Y. In 1982 entered the U.S. Navy Intelligence community as a Spanish technical, intelligence linguist and naval aircrewman. In 1983 participated in Operation Urgent Fury, the invasion of Grenada, supported the interrogation of Cuban captives and intelligence. Supported continued aviation & intelligence operations within the Caribbean, Central and Latin America.

In 1985 was tapped by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) as an aviation intelligence specialist. In 1987 transferred into intelligence industry private sector, worked with the South African Government / Air Force as a Spanish technical translator supporting operations with Angola concerning the analysis and translation of captured Cuban forces intelligence.

1998 was recruited by Pan American World Airway, served as a U.S. Government liaison officer supporting the Boeing 747’s Civil Reserve Air Force (CRAF) fleet, organized Boeing 747’s modification to U.S. Government CRAF / USAF standards, provided Department of Defense (DoD) logistical support toward Desert Shield and Desert Storm to via Pan Am.

In 1992 ramped up operation with the certification of Kiwi International Airlines, served as manager of technical operation and planning. In 1997 was tapped by ITOCHU AirLease of Japan, served as director of technical services and support, oversaw operations within Asia. In 1997 was transferred back the U.S. and embedded with Midway Airlines within the Raleigh, North Carolina / Fort Bragg area, over saw the integration and FAA certification of the Bombardier CRJ-50 and Boeing 737-700’s into the existing fleet.

In 2000 relocated to Miami, Florida with London based, Air Claims, Ltd. Oversaw all Latin American operation in post-crash investigations on behave of London based Underwriters. At the commencement of the War in Iraq in 2003 and under Executive Order 12333, established the 94th AeroClaims Aviation Consultant Group in support of the Department of Defense (DoD) commercial aviation requirements. In 2005 served the DIA as a contractor / advisor for 4 years.

In 2010 via the U.S. State Department placed the first ever Boeing 747-400 for the new Government of Iraq. In 2010 was tapped by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), graduated the FBI Citizen Academy program, serve the Miami FBI Office and South Florida INFRAGARD Chapter as an aviation adviser in operational threats and criminal assessments.

In 2012 was tapped by Miami-Dade Police Department, graduated the citizen academy program, serve as their Special Response Team (SRT) aviation technical adviser toward commercial aircraft familiarization for tactical assault purposes. Support Miami based U.S. Southern Command and USCG 7th District Miami, concerning commercial aviation requirements. As a member of the association of former intelligence officers (AFIO) in 2012 established the Federal Aviation Reserve, LLC to address non-commercial, aviation projects, clients and assignments.

In 2011 donated a managed asset a Boeing 737-200 to the George T Baker Aviation School. Designed and donated the GMAA website banner, 727 “GMAA logo plane” and the current GMAA information brochure. As an advocate for UAV / Drone design, awareness, education and operation, introducing the utilization of UAV’s in support of commercial aircraft maintenance to South Florida and established the 2013 George T. Baker UAV Ultra-light project.