Manny De Jesus

President & Owner
MD Turbines

Born and raised in Puerto Rico.

Manuel De Jesus is the Founder and President of MD Turbines, MD Turbines Repairs and MD Turbines Logistics. He has an A&P license and has worked in various capacities in the aviation industry. His passion for aviation started at the age of 16 and developed to the point where in 2011, he decided to start his own company to be able to meet the changing needs of the clients in the industry. Today, with over 20 years of experience, his drive continues to be intact & his businesses continue to grow.  

Manny is also known for his kind and generous heart when it comes to giving a helping hand. Manny is a supporter of the His House Children’s Home, Mission 22, St. Jude Children’s Hospital and is the first to give aid in natural disasters, not to mention he also serves as a sponsor of many youth sports.